Category: Estate Planning

The Estate Planning Process

  The COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives and livelihoods all over the world and has generated a great amount of uncertainty in the process. While our worlds slowly open back up, it is a great time to think about estate planning. Estate planning is the process through which you make legal decisions about the disposition…
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Jessica Merkel Appears on 3 Things Podcast

Jessica Merkel discussed estate planning with Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Erin Predmore on the Chamber’s 3 Things Podcast. Jessica covered topics including dying without a will, the estate planning process, the importance of consulting an attorney to craft an estate plan, and the pitfalls of using online estate planning services among…
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Power of Attorney Dos and Don’ts

Has a friend, parent, or sibling recently asked you to serve as their attorney in fact? Has someone named you as their attorney in fact in their Power of Attorney? If so, you likely have questions: What can I do? What should I avoid doing? How can I make sure that I protect myself from…
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