COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available to Hoosier Residents 70+

In addition to first responders and licensed/unlicensed healthcare workers, septuagenarians living in Indiana are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. For information about the vaccine and to register to receive it, you can visit the state government website:

To register, you (or the person navigating the website on your behalf) will need to enter your date of birth. Afterward, you will be redirected to a virtual “waiting room,” which should list the wait time. Once your wait is up, you will be sent to scheduling application, where you can complete the registration process.

Vaccine administration occurs in two stages. The recipient will receive the first dose of the vaccine during an initial visit, but he or she will be required to attend a second visit to receive the second and final dose of the vaccine.

According to the Indiana State government website, the vaccine will be free. While “[v]accine providers can bill a patient’s insurance for a fee to administer the vaccine,” the insurance company “will not be able to charge the patient.”

The vaccine will prevent you from getting sick, but it may not prevent you from giving COVID-19 to others. For this reason, federal guidelines still recommend wearing facial coverings and taking other necessary precautions even after receiving the vaccine.

In Monroe County, Indiana, the vaccine will be administered at one of two different locations: IU Health Bloomington Medical Arts Building or the Monroe Convention Center. Their addresses are listed below.


Monroe Convention Center

302 S College Ave.

Bloomington, IN 47401


IU Health Bloomington Medical Arts Building

619 W 1st St.

Bloomington, IN 47403-2307